‚ÄčKDog & the Howlers - 5:30p

Boogie Tickets Purchased Online Will Be picked up at the Door

Online ticket sales will end at NOON the day of the event, and tickets will be available at the door!

Booogie Tickets $15

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Boogie at the Barn offers some of the best music found anywhere.  The musicians  enjoy playing this unique venue and are embraced by all those in attendance.

Bring your family and friends for a special gathering of people, music, food, beverages and benefit...all in one. 

Always a night to remember.

This community shares a common goal of doing what's right and the Boogie is no exception.  Hundreds of people turn out for these events and the atmosphere is filled with love and fun.



Each year The Boogie Brain Trust, a group of community-minded volunteers, puts on Boogie at the Barn and other events to help bring the community together for great music, and to raise money for non-profits and area causes. The Boogies are always great events of music, community spirit and dancing for all ages and folks from all walks of life.

The Boogie at the Barn formerly took place at the Alderfer Barn at Alderfer/Three Sisters. Since the Alderfer Barn is now unavailable for events, the Boogie is now held at the Evergreen Memorial Barn which is an awesome venue with three heated floors, restrooms, 5 large screen TVs and reasonable parking. 

The Boogie takes place four times a year and features the best in great music, awesome vibe and good times!  Beer and wine available for purchase ($5 each) and there are two food trucks at each Boogie. Boogie is volunteer-run and net proceeds all go to great causes. 

Thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers, vendors, attendees & everyone that makes these events possible!



All proceeds from the event benefit INSPIRE (Special Needs) programs designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals dealing with physical and mental challenges. Programs include Colorado Special Olympics (bowling, golf, swimming, basketball and track), aquatics classes, horseback riding, ski lessons, dance and climbing classes, and specialty camps designed to provide recreational, educational and life skills activities to all, regardless of ability.

Evergreen Memorial Barn from 5:30 to 10:00pm with food trucks, beer and wine available for purchase.

27054 North Turkey Creek Rd


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