Boogie at the Barn History

We are writing a new Boogie at the Barn history.  The Boogies have always been at Alderfer Barn.  Now, do to decisions make by the EPRD board we are moving this great community event to the Evergreen Memorial Park Barn.  The Boogie at the Barn events will continue and our hope is that at a date in the near future we will be back at Alderfer.  Until then...Boogie on! 

Alderfer Barn Boogies:  Foot stomping' and good times with neighbors and friends….this is the image of the old fashioned barn dance.  They are rare these days, but the tradition is alive again in Evergreen.  The beautiful 100 year-old Alderfer Barn at Alderfer/Three Sisters Open Space Park has come back to life in a big way. The local community came together with hammers in hand to build a stage, clean it up and make this barn available to the public, typically used for storage by the Evergreen Park & Recreation District.  In the fall of 2012, the caretakers of the old Alderfer Ranch House and property, John and Pandora Erlandson in partnership with EPRD, produced the first "Boogie at the Barn".  Touted by many as “the best party Evergreen has had in years”,  it was a huge success with almost 400 people in attendance.   Now, “Boogie” is a tradition with  three great barn dances a year.  The events are produced with local volunteers called the  “The Boogie Brain Trust” in conjunction with PandoraJohnProductions and EPRD.  Boogie at the Barn music events are held just a few times a year in the historic barn at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park in Evergreen. 

An Evergreen "Gotta Be There" Event